The A.D.A.M. Education team is committed to ensuring faculty are able to realize the full capability of A.D.A.M. Education solutions by providing training through different convenient formats:

  • WebEx Training Schedule
  • Recorded Training Sessions
  • Training Agenda
  • Product Demos
  • Online Training Guides


WebEx Training Schedule

Schedule of training


Product Demos

Following are links to product demos you may find helpful in learning about the capabilities of our different educational solutions:

» A.D.A.M. Interactive Anatomy Overview

» A.D.A.M. OnDemand

» A.D.A.M. Lab Exercises (A.D.A.M. Interactive Anatomy Add-On)


Online Training Guides

The following training guides have been developed for the Instructor's Version of A.D.A.M. Interactive Anatomy (AIA).

Downloading the Guides: To download the guides, right-click on one of the file names and use Save Target As to download either of the training guides for use within A.D.A.M. Interactive Anatomy. Each guide discusses features only applicable to the Instructor's Version. The regular version of AIA can read the guides, but no changes can be made.

Accessing the Guides: Login to your AIA account. Once you are logged into AIA you can click on File and then, Open Existing Curriculum within A.D.A.M. Interactive Anatomy and follow along the curriculum guide.


Training Agenda

We offer three different kinds of training agenda focused primarily on A.D.A.M. Interactive Anatomy given the number of resources and capabilities of the program. Please contact us for individualized training needs:

1. Training Agenda: Getting Started with A.D.A.M. Interactive Anatomy

Overview of A.D.A.M. Interactive Anatomy

  • What is A.D.A.M. Interactive Anatomy (AIA)?
  • Setup Options for Institutions
  • Purchase Options for Students and Faculty

Working with A.D.A.M. Resources

  1. Dissectible Anatomy
    • Gender
    • Views
    • Modesty, Skin Tone, Lexicon Settings
    • Navigating in AIA
    • Searching
    • Identifying Anatomy Structures
    • Annotation Tools
    • Exporting Images
  2. 3D Anatomy
    • Unity Player
    • Navigating in 3D
    • Structure List
  3. Clinical Illustrations
    • About A.D.A.M. Illustrations
    • Search Options
    • Type of Images
    • Illustration Information
    • Annotation Options
    • Print & Export Options
  4. Clinical Animations
    • Viewing Animations
    • Limitations
  5. Illustrated Encyclopedia
    • Statistics
    • Reading Level
    • Searching
    • Updating
    • Accreditation

Student Assessment

  • Lab Exercises

Curriculum Builder

  • What is it?
  • Prebuilt Student Activities
  • What Can You Do with CB?
  • Incorporating Outside Resources
  • Distributing Curriculum Builder Files

Strategies for Using Resources

  • Annotating>
  • Exporting Files
  • Visualization for Lecture
  • Creating Lab Activities
  • Incorporating into

2. Training Agenda: Building Curriculum

Overview of Curriculum Builder

  • What is Curriculum Builder?
  • Prebuilt Curriculum
  • What Can You Do with CB?

Creating New Curriculum

  • Getting Started
  • File Types
  • Navigating Curriculum
  • Adding Title, Author & Summary Information
  • Adding a Section
  • Adding a Slide
  • Removing a Section or Slide
  • Rearranging Content
  • Saving Curriculum

Creating & Capturing Content

  • Adding Slide Notes / Formatting Text
  • Anchoring the Curriculum Window
  • Capture Dissectible Anatomy
  • Capture Atlas Anatomy
  • Capture Clinical Illustrations
  • Capture Clinical Animations
  • Capture 3D Model
  • Add Your Own Image
  • Add Your Own Animation/Video
  • Add a Hyperlink

Importing/Exporting Curriculum

  • Importing Existing Curriculum
  • Exporting a Section of Curriculum

Distributing Curriculum Files

  • Locking Curriculum
  • Distributing Curriculum Files

3. Training Agenda: Annotation Tools

Annotation Tools

  • Overview
  • Before You Begin
  • Displaying the Annotation Tools
  • Annotation Mode


  • Drawing Pins
  • Drawing Arrows
  • Adding Text
  • Drawing Lines
  • Deleting Objects

Creating Shapes

  • Drawing Rectangles
  • Drawing Circles
  • Drawing Polygons


  • Setting Fill or Outline
  • Painting Areas
  • Erasing Painted Areas

Arranging Objects

  • Selecting Shapes
  • Arranging Drawn Shapes
  • Grouping & Ungrouping

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